Avoid These 5 Common Cheating Mistakes | Expert Advice

5 Common cheating mistakes that will get you caught

Learn about the most common cheating mistakes that will get you caught and how to avoid them. Get expert advice on preventing hickies, clearing call history, erasing browser history, and more.

Avoid These 5 Common Cheating Mistakes | Expert Advice

Most common cheating mistakes

One of the most common cheating mistakes is coming home late while smelling like someone else. If you and your lover aren't smokers and then one day they come home smelling like cigarettes, you are going to get busted. If your partner knows how to spot the most common signs of cheating, chances are you're going to perform a cheating mistake and get caught. So next time you come home from a hard day of cheating on your significant other, don't lie down in bed next to them right away and switch your clothing, this will prevent them from picking up on any weird scents.

Cheating errors that will get you busted

Another big cheating error that will get you busted is allowing for someone to give you a hickey, bite, or scratch you. If you lover sees these signs on your body they will automatically know that you were with someone else. This might sound like an obvious cheating mistake, but many people aren't aware that they have scratches on their part or a hickey in an off place, and that's how they get caught. To prevent this from happening, make sure to examine your body before going home to your lover.

Want to catch them cheating? Look for these common mistakes

Another common mistake that will lead to your lover catching onto you is leaving behind a paper trail. If your partner is doing your laundry and finds a receipt for what looks like a date at a restaurant, you better believe they are going to ask you about it. If you have been finding strange clues like this in your home, but aren't sure if your partner is actually cheating on you, try taking a cheating quiz, as this can help clarify your cloudy judgement.

Everyone makes mistakes when cheating: Watch out for this one

Another common mistake that cheaters make is forgetting to clear out their call history. Sure, you can delete all the text messages you want, but if you spent an entire hour on the phone with the person you're cheating with, your lover will become suspicious and might ask you who the phone number belongs to. For some reason, many cheaters forget to delete this specific clue and end up getting caught red handed. All their lover technically has to do is call the number and see who picks up on the other end to find out that they are being cheated on.

Don't be sloppy, erase your browser history

There are two major ways your partner can find out if you're cheating on them. One being that your browser history is jam-packed with online dating sites, webcam platforms, messages from other singles in Invercargill, porn sites, and any other creepy activity. By deleting your browser history, you are protecting yourself from getting caught red-handed. However, if your partner checks your browser history and finds it completely wiped clean, they will find it suspicious and know that you cleared it because you're hiding something. The best thing to do is to only delete the incriminating entries and leave behind your normal everyday history. This will make your lover believe that you aren't cheating on them, or it might make them realise that you aren't playing around and are an expert-level-cheater.