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Are Free Hookup Sites Legit?

Well you probably have heard of sites like OkCupid and Plenty of Fish. While both of these online dating sites are free to use and give users access to most of the features without paying, they are generally used for more typical dating. In other words, you’re not going to find a lot girls or guys on the site looking for no strings attached hookups. You might find one or two women in your area who are looking for casual sex or short term dating, but you’ll also note that these poor chicks are going to get inundated by about hundred horny dudes who are looking to get laid and don’t want to pay for a legitimate hookup site. In fact, you’ll find that to be the case with the vast majority of free dating sites on the internet. The girls on the site get 25 to 50 messages a day from random blokes looking to get their number. Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn’t. Sometimes you get a reply and sometimes you don’t. That’s how those sites are though.

So let me put this blunty. There are no free hookup sites. Hookup sites are different from dating sites. Datings sites are like condoms. Men and women go on the site looking for someone hang out with hoping it turns into something real. You use it once and then you’re done with it. Free dating sites are fine for that, but not as good as pay for sites like E-Harmony or

Hookup sites are something else entirely, and they offer features which are geared for people who are interested in sex, not love. You don’t use them once and discard them. You use them year round to meet people. You can go onto message boards, keep a blog, engage in cam play, exchange naughty pictures, send a couple dick pics, send your bloke some nice pictures of your tits, and then arrange to fuck and drink or whatever you like.

In other words, you use them to meet people who like you, are not interested in establishing long term monogamous relationships. Sometimes couples use the site to spice up their sex lives. Couples hook up with other couples or hook up with singles looking to get in on a threesome or some such thing of that nature. Girls get to meet guys who meet their fancy, and guys get to meet girls who meet theirs. There are features such as roaming mode. If you’re out on the town you can track other members of the site on your smartphone and see where they are in relation to you and if they’re interested in meeting you for drinks and sex. These are all services that free dating sites do not provide.

Free sex dating sites are a myth. Some online hookup sites will allow you to join for free and set up an account on a 3 day trial. You will have full access to the site, but after that you will have to pay. Other casual hookup sites will allow women to join for free in order to balance their male to female ratio and build a quality user base. Others will have special offers that are cheaper depending on whether you pay month to month or year to year.

So if you see something that advertises free local hookup sites, you should know that you are probably being scammed. All legitimate hookup sites charge some fee for the service they provide. What you need to do as a consumer is familiarize yourself with the best online sites for hookups and take a look at the results others have had. Educate yourself on which features you want in a hookup sites and which ones have the largest user bases.

A lot of people are getting scammed these days by dodgy scam artists who are using their desire to hook up with women online to screw them out of money. One of the best things you can do is avoid sites which say they are free sex dating sites and then ask for you credit card. What they will do is charge oodles of unwanted porn to your account and then you’re pretty much screwed because there won’t be any way to get it back.

Over time, hookup sites like these develop a reputation as a scam, but then a few months later you’ll find the same site pop up on a different URL somewhere else on the internet. The best bet for you is to invest as little money as possible up front, check out what the site has to offer and then if you like it, you can buy in for the long haul.